Symposium: Causal and Informational Specificity in Biological Practice: Unchallenged Assumptions and Neglected Dimensions

November, 2018

Philosophy of Science Association Biennial Meeting

Seattle WA

November 1-4 2018


Symposium: "Causal and Informational Specificity in Biological Practice"

June, 2018

Society for Philosophy of Science in Practice

Ghent, Belgium

June 30-July 2 2018


María Ferreira Ruiz (University of Geneva): "Causation and Information in Biology – Arguments for Eliminativism"

Public Lecture: "It's A Mess Out There"

January, 2018

C Kenneth Waters
Department of Philosophy, University of Calgary

Public Lecture: "An Epistemology of Scientific Investigation"

October, 2017

C Kenneth Waters
Department of Philosophy, University of Calgary

275 Nicholson Hall, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis

Symposium: "New Directions for Studying Success and Failure in Science"

September, 2017

European Philosophy of Science Association

University of Exeter

September 6-9 2017


Chair: C. Kenneth Waters (University of Calgary)

Symposium: "From Biological Practice to Scientific Metaphysics: Prospects and Challenges"

July, 2017

International Society for History, Philosophy, and Social Studies of Biology

Sao Paolo, Brazil

July 16-21 2017


Chair: Alan Love (University of Minnesota)


Workshop: “Can Biological Practice Inform Metaphysics?"

June, 2017

Philosophers of science have increasingly shifted their focus away from scientific theories to scientific practice.

Public Lecture: "Chance, Evolution, and the Burgess Shale"

June, 2017

Alan C. Love
Minnesota Center for Philosophy of Science, and Department of Philosophy, University of Minnesota

Whyte Museum of the Candian Rockies, 111 Bear St, Banff.

APA Central Division 2017 - Society for the Metaphysics of Science: From Biological Practice to Scientific Metaphysics

March, 2017

Chaired by Lauren Ross (University of Calgary, University of Irvine LPS) with speakers Marie Kaiser, Jenella Baxter, Oliver Lean and William Bausman.

Public Lecture: How Objective are Biological Functions

December, 2016

Marcel Weber

Department of Philosophy, University of Geneva